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A Better Way to Manage Your Link Building Partnerships

Backlink Pilot is a free link building CRM for agencies 🚀

The major flaw with your link building Google Sheet is that somebody has to occasionally check those links and make sure they’re still live. That’s tedious and error-prone.

Backlink Pilot is just like your Google Sheet, but it checks your links on auto-pilot.

It helps you find invalid backlinks and suss out partners who've accidentally made your links nofollow.



  • Track up to 500 links
  • Monthly link checks
  • Unlimited partners
  • Unlimited clients
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About Us

You might be wondering why we’re giving away such an awesome tool for free. Because our bread and butter is Service Provider Pro, a client portal platform for productized agencies.

Backlink Pilot started as an internal tool we built on the side. I thought we’d offer it to you as well and help spread the word about our client portal platform.

I hope you find it useful 👨‍🍳

Questions & Answers

What if I want to track more than 500 links?

If you wanna track more links more frequently we'll need to start charging you. There's a paid plan at $50/mo that covers 5k links. If you need more links than that, let us know.

Is this thing secure?

Yeah. This isn't some jank no-code setup that somebody threw together as an MVP. We took the time to build this app properly, following the highest security standards.

Can I import my links?

Yessir. We're not expecting you to copy paste stuff for hours on end.
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